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The Goals ... 

.Find it for You...

.EnCOURAGE One (One Person Every Day) ...

.Share it Here (so we can share it with others)

What is this website about...what is Life Power ?...we enCourage you to... 

First .......

Find it -

Very Simple... One person can make a difference.

So we encourage you to make a difference to just one person everyday.

But first, you can't give something away that you do not have, so the first part of the daily goal is for you personally to find
your own life power, your own
"courage" before you try to "enCOURAGE" someone else.

We believe that life is a balance and this LifePower.org site and various projects we will implement or support will
encourage you as an individual to find strength and renewed power in your life through becoming healthy in all aspects of you....


If you could spend just a few moments daily or a little time to find strength and balance in your own life in these areas then you
would be so much more prepared to contribute to the lives of others.

LifePower.org will dedicatethe LifePower.org  site and our Twitter post here to helping with
tangible ways we can find life improvement, balance, strength, and courage in all aspects of life. We are dedicated to
encouraging you to find your own Life Power and suggesting ways for you to share your life with others to make a difference 
every day. Some call it paying it forward, or random acts of kindness or doing something for others we just enCOURAGE
you to first find your own balance and strength (and we call that Life Power)  then let God work in your life to enCOURAGE others.

Second .......

How ? ... 

EnCOURAGE others ...

Again we encourage you to make a goal to make a difference to just one person every day

Whats more important than what you do is that you do it not to a point of stress for you or others but, that in finding a way to let
go and follow your heart and the heart of God through your life then you can find the best way to help others in these ways ..

Here are some thoughts...

Send enCOURAGEment in a note.
Send enCOURAGEment in an email.
Post a message on Facebook, Twitter, or the Social Media of your choice

 a kind word to someone who needs it.
Laugh with someone it is such good medicine.
Do a good deed for someone ...sometimes its the little things that really matter.

Share a Tweet on our Twitter to encourage others

Do a kind deed.
Or just make a difference to one person each day in some small way.

Got any other ideas or thoughts please share them...

Find Your Life Power Every day - Then Give What You Can to One Person Each Day ...

Third .......

Share it here with LifePower.org...

We will soon have a social network site to share it online ... but for now email us your story how you find strenght and
life changing stories of how you help others with enCOURAGEment. Or Tweet your story to our Twitter Account ... with
a link to your blog or post.

When you encourage or help others daily then we enCOURAGE you to pass it on or share your story of what happens when you
make a difference here with us so we can pass it on to others and enCOURAGE them with your story.

Email us at life-power@live.com

Pass this website link on to others... LifePower.org http://www.lifepower.org

Email us

Contributions Needed - If you have inspirational or encouraging messages, links, stories, or videos to share or that you have written
(we will give you credit if you want it) or if you have photographs or just a story to tell that might enCOURAGE others that you want to pass on
through this site or our Life Power Social Network  then please email us. Thank you for visiting and come back soon for many new updates.

LIfePower.org is NOT for Profit and not a religion or affliated with any religious organization...
we are just people wanting to help and encourage people like you.

LifePower.org is dedicated to the memory of those who lived their lives to serve and make difference
for others and God ...the im
print of their lives will forever imprint ours.

ET, Dad, Susan, Gene Miller, and Bill Johnson ...
and  a Special Thank you to The Newtons ...